#063 – The Human Cost

Callie and Ari are joined by Greta, the founder of Trans Lifeline, Jonah, the director of Heartland Trans Wellness Group, and suicide survivor Jen about bathroom bills, the current anti trans climate in the US, and the human cost of anti-trans bigotry.


If you’re trans and struggling, and you need help, please call.
USA – (877) 565-8860
Canada – (877) 330-6366

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  1. sezit

    Wow. This is only the 2nd podcast of yours I have listened to. Wow, so much wow. This country has so much to learn. I’m cis white F, and I have been recently motivated by the rightwing hate that is spiking now to learn as much as I can to be an ally. This shit that is happening is crazy. The only ray of hope I can offer is that people like me had no idea that there was so much hate, and the exposure of this hate and the courage of trans people coming out is mobilizing citizenry like me to take whatever action we can. This time in history MUST be the nadir of these experiences. All this hatred and assault must be exposed and made absolutely socially and legally unacceptable. I am just so shocked and horrified at the experiences that your guests have gone thru.
    Thank you for helping to bring awareness of this. I promise that I will not remain silent.

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