Month: December 2016

  • #098 – Gavin Grimm, Trans Folks at SCOTUS!

    A conversation with trans teen Gavin Grimm. Gavin’s case fighting his school district to use the proper restroom will be heard by the Supreme Court of the United States Callie […]

  • #097 – Would you think of the kids?!

    Callie and Ari have a conversation with youth members of the LGBTQ community about their lives and experiences as younger members of the community Support the show: Music: […]

  • #096 – It’s Almost Never Black and White

    A conversation with Mark and Shanon. They’re married, and Mark is figuring out that his gender identity is not so fixed and binary as society thinks it should be. Support […]

  • #095 – Women Beyond Belief

    A conversation with author Karen Garst about her new book, Women Beyond Belief: Discovering Life Without Religion Support the show: Music: A Lost State of Mind music […]

  • #094 – AMA: The Sequel

    Ari and Callie answer your questions about everything from transition, to music and ice cream! Ingrid and Julia’s fundraiser: Support the show: Music: A Lost State […]