Month: February 2017

  • #105 – Umm…Are We Girlfriends Now?

    Sex can be weird. Our culture hands us a seemingly non stop barrage of toxic ideas about sex and sexuality. Even the most vanilla, heterosexual sex between cisgender partners has […]

  • #104 – Transmasculine Discussion

    A discussion with some friends about the transmasculine side of the transgender experience Support the show: Music: A Lost State of Mind music used by permission Cloudkicker […]

  • #103 – Executive Messes

    A conversation with attorney Andew Torrez of the Opening Arguments podcast. We discuss what executive orders are and aren’t and we discuss the legality of the executive orders thus far […]

  • #102 – Good News: The US is a Dumpster Fire Edition

    Yet another good news episode, because after the last few weeks, I think we all need it. Gay Iraqi Love Story: Markiplier Raises a Ton of Money: PUPPIES!: […]