#116 – Hey, It’s Only Healthcare, Right?

This week we break down exactly what is and isn’t in the AHCA (American Healthcare Act) . Let attorney Andrew Torrez  from the Opening Arguments Podcast  tell us exactly how bad we should be freaking out at the moment. We also find out how likely it is this monstrosity (or some form of it) will actually pass.

Second this week, we talk about Trump’s executive order  that he claims is aimed at defending religious freedom. We’ll learn what exactly the Johnson Amendment  is, why its controversial, and why in the end, it doesn’t even really matter.

Last this week, an announcement I’ve been absolutely dying to make. I’ve been working on a new podcast. It’s called Queery . It’s a storytelling show that highlights the lives of queer and transgender people. In this episode, you’ll hear the first part of the first episode. To hear the entire first episode, check out http://www.patreon.com/queery  and if you decided to become a patron, you’ll get access to the 2nd episode right away!

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