Month: May 2019

  • mama bear

    Raise your hand if you’re in need of some wholesome content. I know I sure am. Meet Bev. She’s my mama <3 Get the a transcript of this episode here

  • matters of the heart

    Find a transcript of this episode here Maybe someone said some transphobic things. Maybe that doesn’t mean they’re a bad person. Maybe we’re done litigating someone’s good person(tm) credentials. Maybe […]

  • i’m tired

    Find the transcript for this episode here. to engage, or not to engage. to cut someone off, to not cut someone off. is someone being awful or just ignorant? i’m […]

  • closer

    I met my dad for the first time when I was 18. Then it got complicated… Full transcript is here

  • losing a thing, finding a thing

    This week, love letters. One to my past, and one to my present. Transcript is here.