Month: September 2019

  • the black trans project

    We hear lots of stories about black trans women dying. We don’t hear so much about black trans women living. This week I talk to someone who’s doing something about […]

  • two a**holes and a website

    This week, my talk from The Triangle Freethought Society near Raleigh, NC. Three case studies and a moral argument as to why deplatforming and violent resistance are effective and morally […]

  • Abhilasha

    Names are a big freakin deal. And this week I’m sharing the story of one person who has a particularly cool story behind hers <3 Support the show: Music […]

  • requeered tales

    Literature is super important. And this week I’m going to turn you on to someone who’s doing some pretty cool work to preserve the LGBTQ community’s literary history. […]