Month: October 2019

  • gender is spoopy

    Lots of trans folks use costumes as gender exploration, here’s a few stories about that <3 Here are the pictures of Tori’s nurse outfit from 1986! Support the show via […]

  • saving derby’s soul

    Roller Derby has been an amazing place for me to exist as a queer and trans person. It hasn’t always been that way. Not for everyone. This week I’m talking […]

  • who says i was thinking?

    I have another super important anniversary coming up. I tell the story of how Celes and I met and our first date pretty often. It was even an episode of […]

  • saying it out loud

    National Coming Out Day is this Friday. So here’s a thing. Support via Patreon: Support via Paypal: Music by Cloudkicker, used under Creative Commons

  • identity and boundaries and dating, oh my!

    A few months ago, I did an Ask Callie episode, where folks sent in questions to get advice on things they were struggling with in their lives. I thought it […]