Author: Callie Wright

  • finding your place and your people

    Elizabeth went in search of a queer utopia. They found…something different… You can buy their book here:  Get the audiobook:   Get the paperback:  Amazon –  B&N – […]

  • in defense of the resolution

    its new years. in defiance of internet cynicism, we’re setting some goals and planning for some awesome shit we want to do in the next year Support via Patreon: […]

  • leaving diet culture behind

    Eli’s gender journey involved unpacking some pretty serious baggage around their relationship with food and body image. Support the show on Patreon: Support the show on PayPal:

  • chik fil a day

    This week, a piece of hate chicken inspires random acts of kindness. 

  • Emilia’s not waiting

    I saw a pretty disgusting display on Facebook a few weeks ago. A newly out trans woman did something pretty cool. And instead of celebrating her achievements, some members of […]

  • 2009-2019

    This week I’m thinking about the past. I’m thinking about the seemingly arbitrary ways we measure the milestones in out lives. Four friends and I unpack where we’ve come from […]

  • Transgender Day of Remembrance 2019

    Monica Roberts’ blog: Keanna Mattell dancing: Tony’s Insta: @snowleopardferret

  • the only good thing about being a boy…

    Jordan is cis, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a gender story to tell…

  • what it means to be Lakota

    Joey is a Lakota two spirit person. This week they taught me about their life and their culture, and I’m super grateful <3

  • gender is spoopy

    Lots of trans folks use costumes as gender exploration, here’s a few stories about that <3 Here are the pictures of Tori’s nurse outfit from 1986! Support the show via […]