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  • a good day to be on wheelie feet

    Sunday was a lot… TRANSCRIPT Big shouts out to Arwen, Trevor, and Kennedy for becoming new patrons this week, and thanks to Benji for a pledge increase this week. Thank […]

  • take your meds and hydrate please <3

    and don’t forget to breathe <3 TRANSCRIPT Big shouts out to Clint and Jeff for becoming new patrons this week. Thank you friends, love you lots. My name is Callie […]

  • intro to communism

    My new friend Will is giving us a primer on what communism’s all about! TRANSCRIPT Callie: [00:00:00] Shouts out to Vicky, China, and Marianne for becoming new patrons this week and […]

  • just a taste

    We’ve heard story after story of the super messed up things the police are doing in response to the protests happening across the country. My new friend Kevin got arrested […]


    Jillian T Weiss comes back to talk to us about what the latest SCOTUS decision means and doesn’t mean Follow Gillian Brastetter for more on the utter failure of the […]

  • thinking about the think pieces

    Tuck from Gender Reveal is here to help us talk about “objectivity” in journalism and why we need to think critically about what we read, even from outlets we may […]

  • Black Lives Matter

    Resources: Anti-Racism Media:*YNlgMgo4D07mNyOtlVctmg Another Resource Guide:–vQ2avEc/edit?usp=sharing If you’re white, this is an org you can join and support to talk to and hold other white people accountable in […]

  • the queer class of 2020

    I had the good fortune to be invited to a virtual lavendar graduation ceremony a few weeks back

  • intention is the secret sauce

    You might remember Miri from a few weeks ago when they gave us some really good coping tips for the moment we’re living in. Miri’s also a breast cancer survivor. […]

  • reprise

    Kage has always been a singer. That got more difficult when he started T.