• what it means to be Lakota

    Joey is a Lakota two spirit person. This week they taught me about their life and their culture, and I’m super grateful <3

  • gender is spoopy

    Lots of trans folks use costumes as gender exploration, here’s a few stories about that <3 Here are the pictures of Tori’s nurse outfit from 1986! Support the show via […]

  • saving derby’s soul

    Roller Derby has been an amazing place for me to exist as a queer and trans person. It hasn’t always been that way. Not for everyone. This week I’m talking […]

  • who says i was thinking?

    I have another super important anniversary coming up. I tell the story of how Celes and I met and our first date pretty often. It was even an episode of […]

  • saying it out loud

    National Coming Out Day is this Friday. So here’s a thing. Support via Patreon: patreon.com/queersplaining Support via Paypal: paypal.me/queersplaining Music by Cloudkicker, used under Creative Commons

  • the black trans project

    We hear lots of stories about black trans women dying. We don’t hear so much about black trans women living. This week I talk to someone who’s doing something about […]

  • two a**holes and a website

    This week, my talk from The Triangle Freethought Society near Raleigh, NC. Three case studies and a moral argument as to why deplatforming and violent resistance are effective and morally […]

  • Abhilasha

    Names are a big freakin deal. And this week I’m sharing the story of one person who has a particularly cool story behind hers <3 Support the show: patreon.com/queersplaining Music […]

  • requeered tales

    Literature is super important. And this week I’m going to turn you on to someone who’s doing some pretty cool work to preserve the LGBTQ community’s literary history. requeeredtales.com requeeredtales@gmail.com […]

  • 10-8: how scared should we be?

    Some important stuff is happening at The United States Supreme Court on October 8th. The question: does the 1964 Civil Rights act protect LGBTQ folks from employment discrimination. Lots of […]