• that tall man is me!

    transitioning during a pandemic is something else

  • being your own doctor

    quite often, the medical profession just….isn’t great to us

  • something changed

    is this….healing?

  • endaera

    Incarcerated folks get basically no institutional support when they leave the system. so they have to figure out their own ways of dealing with life when they come home.

  • palpably arbitrary

    “science” and “biology” should not be loaded words. but here we are.

  • a snow day

    everything is the same and i hate it

  • community isn’t at the end of a sales funnel

    predatory online marketing has reached the trans community and i’m not stoked

  • being joyously bad at things

    you start a new thing, you suck at the thing, you get frustrated and quit? i say “you” but i actually mean “I.”

  • ask callie 2021

    time for another in the somewhat regularly occurring series of ask callie episodes. lets goooooo

  • i’ll write my own

    medical gatekeeping sucks. this week is a story about someone who was able to circumvent it, kinda learn more about Cal here: http://calcates.com/ Read their letter here: https://www.calcates.com/post/when-the-boob-is-on-the-other-foot And this is a […]