Gaytheist Manifesto

  • #083 – Queer Relationships

    A conversation with some friends about navigating the world in queer relationships. Support the show: Music:

  • #082 – YouTube Atheism

    This week, we have a conversation with Steve Shives about YouTube, and the seemingly uniquely toxic environment that exists there among atheist YouTubers. Steve’s Channel: Support the show: […]

  • EXTRA: Hey, What’s Your Tattoo Say?

    I’ve had a few really bad days lately. Just some things I needed to get off my chest. Fair warning there’s some pretty heavy talk about depression in here.

  • #081 – Let’s Go Sportsing!

    A conversation about transgender people in sports with medical physicist and runner Joanna Harper. Joanna’s Washington Post Article: Joanna’s study (paywall): Support the show: Music:

  • #080 – Legal Edition

    A conversation with attorney Andrew Torrez about the legal questions surrounding religious freedom and LGBTQ discrimination Andrew’s Show: David Smalley’s Christian Mingle Post: Andrew’s Christian Mingle Post: […]

  • EXTRA: When is disagreement not *just* disagreement?

    This is almost certain to be the last thing I’m going to say publicly about this mess. After some conversation and self reflection, there is a broader point to be […]

  • #079 – Good News Edition

    A semi regular entry into our good news series where we share good things happening in our own lives, the lives of our listeners, and the world around us. This […]

  • #078 – Let’s Get Biskeptical

    A conversation about bisexuality with Trav Mamone and Morgan Stringer of the Biskeptical Podcast Support the show: Music:

  • #077 – DNC Wrap Up

    A conversation with Eli Bosnick and Thomas Smith about the Democratic National Convention, and their thoughts on the idea of voting 3rd party. Atheistically Speaking: Scathing Atheist:¬† God Awful […]

  • #076 – Going Green?

    A discussion about voting 3rd party this election The Green Party Platform: Dan’s Blog: Support the show: Music: