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  • #050 – Asexuality

    Callie has a conversation with two people who identify as asexual.   Isabelle’s Shows: ”Le Monde Merveilleux du Scepticisme” ”Moi Asexuelle” Isabell on twitter: @real_istephen Facebook: Isabelle Stephen […]

  • #049 – Queer Mythbusting

    Callie and Ari bust some common myths about atheists and LGBT folks Music:

  • #048 – Work it Baby!

    Ari and Callie talk with friends Stevie and Jen about what its like to navigate the workplace as atheists and LGBT folks. Music –

  • #047 – A to Xenu (yeah Xenu is a thing)

    Callie and Ari have a pleasant chat with author Chris Shelton. His new book is called Scientology: A to Xenu, an Insider’s Guide to what Scientology is all About.   […]

  • #046 – Sexual Violence

    Callie and Ari are joined by founder and president of A Voice for the Innocent Jamie Sivrais, and domestic violence advocate Kyle Kleisinger to have an important conversation about sexual […]

  • #045 – Gaytheist Queer in Review

    Callie and Ari discuss the happenings of 2015!   Music: Cloudkicker – A Lost State of Mind –

  • #044 – Let’s Get Sexy!

    Callie, new co-host Ari, and friends John and Nat have a sit down to talk about our sex lives and our sexuality as queer and transgender identified people. Music- […]

  • #043 – Non Binary Discussion

    Joined this week by friends Ari Coleman and Trav Mamone to talk about their experiences as trans folks who identify neither as male or female.   Music:

  • #042 – Good News Part 3

    Today is the 3rd in our occasional series of episodes focusing only on good news!   Guest include Trav Mamone, and […]

  • #041 – Friendsgiving!

    We celebrate Thanksigiving with our family of choice. Guests: David Smalley, Heina Dadabhoy, and Ryan Bell. Music: