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  • #039 – Let’s Do Compassion Better

    Hear a talk I did at a Unitarian Universalist church about compassion and why sometimes people have such a gross lack of it, and a discussion between me, and my […]

  • #038 – The F Word! w/Greta Christina and Tracie Harris

    This week I have a talk with Tracie Harris and Greta Christina about the dirtiest of all F words, feminism (cue dramatic music).   Music: Cloudkicker – […]

  • #037 – Cool Conventions, Joy, and a Gaytheism Redux

    This week I have a conversation with Adam Collins, founder of the Atheists of Facebook online convention. Its a super novel concept and a neat solution to the problem of […]

  • #036 – Let’s Talk About Race

    This week I have a chat with founder and president of Black Nonbelievers Mandisa Thomas, and blogger and co-host of Dogma Debate Alix Jules. Black Non Believers:¬† Alix Jules’ blog:¬† […]

  • #035 – National Coming Out Day

    This week, Stephanie Guttormson of the Think Stephtically youtube channel, and the Richard Dawkins Foundation joins us to talk about her story, and to discuss National Coming Out Day, which […]