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  • 10-8: how scared should we be?

    Some important stuff is happening at The United States Supreme Court on October 8th. The question: does the 1964 Civil Rights act protect LGBTQ folks from employment discrimination. Lots of […]

  • Ashton P Woods – what about today?

    Ashton P Woods is a man with a lot going on and a lot to say. He was good enough to give me some of his time when we were […]

  • what if they disagree?

    This past weekend, I had the privilege of attending Skepticon in St Louis. Among other awesome things that happened, I moderated a panel called “What if They Disagree?” How do […]

  • transformations

    Our culture is a jerk for how few tools it gives us to think deeply about ourselves.  A full transcript for this episode can be found here Relevant links: Alyssa’s […]

  • dear callie

    A full transcript for this episode can be found here This week, something a bit different. I get lots of messages from folks asking for advice on one thing or […]

  • my friends, i’ve found it

    We’re all looking for something. For some people it’s spiritual, physical, emotional, psychological… For some it’s anatomical. My wife helped me find something I hadn’t realized I lost this week. […]

  • life is not a cartoon

    A full transcript of this episode can be found here Humans love narrative. We base much of our lives around it. It’s very important for that reason. It’s why so […]

  • it all comes back to necromancy

    If I say “Atheists in the United States need to think more about how we interact with folks in minority religious groups” I’m guessing that’d be pretty uncontroversial. There’s one […]

  • zach

    A full transcript of this episode can be found here. We spend a lot of time saying we need to talk about mental health. Let’s go ahead and have that […]

  • callie is in a complicated relationship with pride

    I know I’m not the only queer who has complicated feelings about pride. Let’s go unpacking, shall we?