#066 – Assault Survivor Speaks Out

Callie and Ari have a conversation with a woman who was assaulted by a man in a bathroom about her thoughts on trans bathroom bills. We also have a broad ranging discussion about how we deal with anger personally and as activists.

Trav’s blog post: http://thehumanist.com/commentary/ban-cisgender-white-men-public-bathrooms-modest-proposal

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  1. greg

    What a fantastic episode as usual! Greg here from the city of churches, Adelaide South Australia! I really related to the discussion on anger and found you both to have excellent opinions and in particular Ari’s spiel on when to be angry and when not! Anger is definitely an energy ( to quote P.I.L) and it’s how it is acted upon as to whether it is positive or negative. When you are a compassionate person living in what sometimes feels like a world completely full of shit, it is REALLY hard not to be angry, to want to scream at the world and say FUUUUUUUUCK YOUUUUUUUUUUU….!! There are times for that and times to channel our anger in to action that will help create progress, to be an activist who knows how to pick your battles and when to just shake your head and not waste your breath. As a great old hardcore band (CHOKEHOLD) put it ‘Animal Liberation, Earth Liberation, Human Liberation will only come through education’. It’s our job as activists to educate the next generation on the importance of basic human equality and how each and every one of us, not matter our gender (or non), our race, or our sexual orientation, are all connected and all deserve to live in peace and have a life of beauty.

    keep up the fabulous work.
    love & respect
    Greg Spiral
    Hungry for More Radio Show 5ZZZ 91.1FM

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