#075 – Brexitfest

A conversation about the general situation of LGBTQ folks in Europe, as well as a conversation with two folks from the UK about Brexit and it’s implications for queer and trans folks there.

ILGA Europe Annual Review: http://www.ilga-europe.org/sites/default/files/2016/full_annual_review.pdf

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  1. Patrick Graydon

    As gay cis American man who has recently lived in northern England and central Sweden, I can confirm that I never experienced any difficulty in being out in either country. While I don’t think I face much actual danger in eastern Virginia today, I am deliberately waiting a bit before coming out at work given that I need the enthusiastic support of key colleagues to get my civil service career started. The federal non-discrimation policy is good, but such policies can’t make people actively support you.

    As for a dictionary for swearing, such a thing exists: look up “Hail Sweary,” “Roger’s Profanisaurus,” etc.

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