EXTRA: When is disagreement not *just* disagreement?

This is almost certain to be the last thing I’m going to say publicly about this mess. After some conversation and self reflection, there is a broader point to be made here. I hope this short episode makes it clearly. After this, I’m moving on with my life.

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  1. Kris

    whoa!!!! I am so disheartened and confused. Ian willing to mediate a , private if necessary, conversation between yourself and David over this. This is sitting back to movement by so far over truly trivial issue’s. .., speaking from a trans- gaytheit perspective.

    This is not one of the issues that needs to fracture relationships

    Please reach out ….
    602- 803-6043

    • Callie Wright

      Hey Kris! I really hope this didn’t make it sound like the tiff was between David and I! David is a good friend I love to death and he’s been trying to mediate between me and the person in question. I really meant to say that I agree with most of his point in the latest post he made with a few exceptions. There’s no animosity at all between David and I ?

  2. Roman Schorscher

    Hello Callie! Thank you for the show, all the hard work you put into it, you honesty and fearlessness! I´m an avid listener and obviously felt for you in the situation you exposed in the last podcast. There is one aspect of it missing for me though, and please understand that I sincerely hope this might not be construced as some weird voyeurism on my part: It feels incomplete to hear the whole closure / finishing interpretation of a certain situation without having the chance to learn first-hand what the situation was all about, what words were said, even what caused the whole discussion. I´m not doubting your interpretation or complaining of second-hand data, but since it seems to be an important issue for you I´d like a chance to male up my own mind. Now, that said, I would certainly understand if you are not eager to expose yourself again to the abuse you suffered and talked about in the podcast, but for the listeners who didn´t knew about it before the podcast, it feels like something is missing in the story, and also likeyour listeners should be allowed to form an opinion with full knowledge of the facts. My objective here certainly is not to reheat or even judge what happened, but you put your side of the matter out in the podcast, and I am taking interest, as (I guess) was the intention. So, please correct me if this request is untoward or disrespectful, but I personally would feel better knowing the whole story, so as to form an opinion. This is the kind of message I also send to my closer friends on social media, whenever they post something like ‘Today was the worst, unbelievable what somebody just did to me!” and I take interest and try to ask them what exactly happenend, who did what, was it somebody I know, how can I help, or (and that might also be totally legit) was this just a sort of ‘SCREW YOU!’ to the world and things are all better now… So, if you feel that the topic is already talked to death and nothing good will come of it by opening it to a wider circle, that´s absolutely fine by me, and looking forward to the next episode of the gaytheist manifesto! Great talk on the ark-protest btw, and keep up your fine work!

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