#096 – It’s Almost Never Black and White

A conversation with Mark and Shanon. They’re married, and Mark is figuring out that his gender identity is not so fixed and binary as society thinks it should be.

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  1. Mike McPoopypants

    I’ve been catching up on episodes so I hope this is one where The OA was mentioned. Don’t watch The OA, Callie! It is among the dumbest fiction I have ever consumed. Angels, near death experiences, and astral fucking projection are just some of the chunks in this steaming pile of donkey shit. I now carry around a basket of new born kittens so I can strangle one of them every time I think of The OA. The terror and shame of being a kitten strangler feels so much better than remembering that show. Save yourself, Callie! It’s too late for me, but you can still live a full life free of this new age, Trump level stupidity. Love the show. You are awesome. Ari who? Totally sweet burn, right there.

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