#107 – Wrestle Me Bro!

A new format for The Gaytheist Manifesto this week!

First up, transphobes suddenly know trans men exist thanks to a trans wrestler named Mack Beggs. Callie and Ari reflect a bit on the absurd controversy surrounding trans people in sports, the erasure of trans men, and we hear from Mack Beggs himself.

Second, when is Rachel Dolezal not Rachel Dolezal? Rachel Dolezal is back in the news because she decided to take on an African name despite being white. We have a chat with Alix Jules and Zinnia Jones on the absolutely ridiculous idea that someone could be “transracial.”

Next up, in a really cool first for trans health, a study about chest binding for trans masculine folks was recently published in a medical journal. The study explores the health effects of chest binding and had some pretty surprising results. We had Jamie Weinand and Sarah Peitzmeier, two folks involved with the study, on the show to talk about it.

And we close the show with some happiness. Callie encountered a rather awesome allyship win and wanted to tell the story.

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