#172 – The Pop Culture Hero Coalition

Far too many of us in the queer and trans community can tell stories for DAYS about being bullied for who we are. For being different. For standing out from the crowd in different ways. Our childhoods were filled with bad advice like “oh just ignore them and they’ll stop” even though they don’t. We’re told “it gets better” as a platitude without hearing anything about what the people in our lives are actually doing to make it better…

And if you’ve listened to the show for long enough, you’ll certainly have heard me go on and on about the power that fandom has to help people dealing with this stuff. I’ve told my own story several times about how Star Trek helped me figure out and come to terms with who I was, and how it helped me escape the fear I felt as a kid knowing how different I was and how I would be treated by my peers if they knew.

With those things in mind, I was pretty excited to learn about the organization we’re going to talk about on the show today. The Pop Culture Hero Coalition is the first-ever organization that uses the universal appeal of comics, film & TV to create anti-bullying programs at pop culture events, and in schools and communities. Our guest this week is Chase Masterson. You might remember her as Leeta from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and she’s also one of the co-founders of the Pop Culture Hero Coalition



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