#182 – You Can Tell Whatever Stories You Want

I was a pretty stereotypically boy-ish kid. I played football, I was in Boy Scouts, I loved camping. I played with GI Joes and Transformers. I liked getting dirty and playing outside. I liked sci-fi and action movies and wrestling and play fighting with my friends. I know now, in my adulthood, that there’s no reason those things have to be gendered. But in my childhood, my adolescence, and early on in my coming out, those WERE very much gendered things. I doubted myself so hard in those early weeks and months. I’d go to support groups and hear other trans women talking about how they wanted to cook and play with dolls. They wanted to join Girl Scouts and be princesses. None of that really resonated with me. Could I really be trans if I liked boy things as a kid? I know now that’s a silly question to ask. But I was still learning. At the time it seemed a valid and serious question.
The things I loved, and the way I loved those things were a very serious barrier to me in coming to terms with who I was. This week we’re going to meet someone who had a similar experience with her own passion. Her name is Willow Zietman, and she’s a blacksmith.
Willow’s shop on Etsy is here!
Willow is @willowthewhispmetalwork on Instagram
There are all kinds of cool pics and videos on her Facebook page here!
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