Author: queersplaining_hyuzz8

  • reprise

    Kage has always been a singer. That got more difficult when he started T.

  • giving yourself completely

    Paul was one of many people in the middle of the fight over gay marriage in the United States. And not in a way he would’ve ever wanted

  • don’t forget to shave

    body hair is a messy topic. my friend Kaeden shares a story about a time he had to make a real important decision about his. and we dive a bit […]

  • dude

    Lots of trans folks have complicated feelings about the word dude. Helen Zaltzman from the Allusionist joins me to help unpack the word’s history and usage. A few trans friends also join […]

  • from the greek for “beautiful voiced”

    I dig my voice, but it took me awhile to get there. being a podcaster and a public speaker, I’m in sort of a unique spot in having years of […]

  • a crash course in coping

    lots of us are trying to figure out how we’re going to get through the next few weeks (months?) of social distancing, isolation, and quarantine. its a thing i’ve been […]

  • finding your voice

    trans folks have lots of feelings about our voices. this week we ask some questions. next week we’ll get some answers

  • disabled in the time of coronavirus

    lots of disabled folks are pretty heated right now. they’re seeing mountains moved to provide things they’ve been told were too much for them to ask for. its time to […]

  • James and Kat

    Awhile back I did an interview for another podcast I was producing. I made the episode and released it in the other feed, but 1. i don’t know that i […]

  • BSA is dying, and we should let it

    Shannon Downey (aka Badass Cross Stitch) was what she calls a “ghost boy scout.” Her family was a scouting family, and she has so many good memories of her proximity […]