• #071 – Is There Hope After Faith?

    A conversation with a self described “recovering Christian” and what his new life means to him, we’re also joined by Bobby C and Jerry DeWitt of the Hope After Faith […]

  • #070 – Where Are The Helpers?

    This week we celebrate the resilience of the queer and trans community in the face of tragedy, and we talk about some completely unrelated good news Jet Blue on Orlando:¬†http://blog.jetblue.com/we-stand-with-orlando/ […]

  • #069 – Orlando

    We discuss the tragedy that unfolded in Orlando this morning, and invite callers to share their thoughts. Jeremiah’s article on allyship: https://noreligionrequired.com/2016/06/11/allies-as-students-and-hype-men/ Ari’s article on allyship: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thegaytheistmanifesto/2016/06/5-things-trans-allies-say-that-mean-well-but-miss-the-point/ Gofundme for victim’s […]