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  • community isn’t at the end of a sales funnel

    predatory online marketing has reached the trans community and i’m not stoked

  • being joyously bad at things

    you start a new thing, you suck at the thing, you get frustrated and quit? i say “you” but i actually mean “I.”

  • ask callie 2021

    time for another in the somewhat regularly occurring series of ask callie episodes. lets goooooo

  • i’ll write my own

    medical gatekeeping sucks. this week is a story about someone who was able to circumvent it, kinda learn more about Cal here: Read their letter here: And this is a […]

  • we need to ask better questions

    It seems to be a sort of accepted thing…the most strident homophobes are closeted gays! the idea has never sat super well with me. so i found a super smart […]

  • gayer than i thought

    Netalie is a Muay Thai fighter and coach. Like a lot of things, being trans has made that more complicated than it should be. come join the Queersplaining Discord: 

  • insert new years cliche here

    its the end of 2020. i’m not quite sure what else to say about that, haha.

  • needlessly complicated

    so much of being trans is needlessly complicated. and a lot of those complications simply don’t have to exist.  to join the new Queersplaining Discord, check out gimme a call […]

  • non binary…….worms?

    trans and non binary folks officially exist in the star trek universe now. you know i had to make an episode about it. just know i took great care to […]

  • so THAT’s what that was…

    we all come to the realization we’re trans in different ways