project blitz

The religious right in the US definitely has a plan. And they’ve conveniently written it out in public for all of us to see. It’s scary stuff, but its definitely a fight I think we can win. We just gotta get moving on it, like now. 

This week we’ll hear from American Atheists’ Alison Gill on what Project Blitz is, why its a threat, and how we can fight it.

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Find the Project Blitz playbook here

Check out to see how you can get involved to stop them

matters of the heart

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Maybe someone said some transphobic things. Maybe that doesn’t mean they’re a bad person. Maybe we’re done litigating someone’s good person(tm) credentials. Maybe the internet doesn’t need another hot take about trans people from someone completely unequipped for the conversation. Maybe?

Shout out to Kendall Hopkins: ( 

Kendall let me spend a lot of time bouncing ideas and thoughts off of her for this episode. She’s pretty awesome and you should go check her channel out!

queer criminology

the criminal justice system was simply not made for queer and trans folks. this week we’ll hear two stories of it’s failure, and learn about one person’s efforts to fix it.

For further reading, check out below with Shanna’s notes!

1. Queer (In)Justice: The Criminalization of LGBT People in the United States (Queer Ideas/Queer Action) –

2. Queer Criminology: New Directions in Critical Criminology –

3. Criminology and Queer Theory: Dangerous Bedfellows? – This one is a textbook and is rather expensive, but thought I’d link it anyway – 

4. Masculinities in the Making – not much to do with queer criminology, but a book I like to recommend to folks who wanna learn more about the social construction of gender –

I also have a link to my profile as a PhD student. This link includes my CV and a blurb about my research: