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  • #057 – Trans Parenting

    Callie and Ari talk with Sharon Bush from the Unbuckling the Bible Belt podcast about her experience parenting a trans child The TED talk referenced: Music:

  • #056 – Triggered By Eli Bosnick in my Safe Space

    Callie and Ari have a chat with host of God Awful Movies Eli Bosnick about his podcast, and we discuss the recent controversy in the atheist movement surrounding the ideas […]

  • #055 – Recovering From Religion

    Callie has a discussion with Gayle Jordan, the new executive director of Recovering From Religion about her own path out of religion, into activism, and what Recovering From Religion does […]

  • #054 – Engage!

    Callie and Ari talk with Kile Jones, founder of Interview an Atheist at Church Day to talk about the best ways to have conversations with those we have disagreements with. […]

  • #053 – What’s at Stake?

    Callie and Ari are joined by Ishmael Brown of The Angry Black Rant podcast to discuss the potential consequences of different outcomes in the upcoming US Presidential election   Music: […]

  • #052 – Promoting Secular Feminism

    Ari and Callie have a fun conversation with DeManda Wright and Ms Bea Haven, hosts of the fantastic show Promoting Secular Feminism @secularfeminism Music:

  • #051 – Christian Conversation 1

    Callie has a sit down with some Christian friends to discuss why we do and don’t believe in an honest and genuine attempt to understand each other better. Its highly […]

  • #050 – Asexuality

    Callie has a conversation with two people who identify as asexual.   Isabelle’s Shows: ”Le Monde Merveilleux du Scepticisme” ”Moi Asexuelle” Isabell on twitter: @real_istephen Facebook: Isabelle Stephen […]

  • #049 – Queer Mythbusting

    Callie and Ari bust some common myths about atheists and LGBT folks Music:

  • #048 – Work it Baby!

    Ari and Callie talk with friends Stevie and Jen about what its like to navigate the workplace as atheists and LGBT folks. Music –