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  • #049 – Queer Mythbusting

    Callie and Ari bust some common myths about atheists and LGBT folks Music:

  • #048 – Work it Baby!

    Ari and Callie talk with friends Stevie and Jen about what its like to navigate the workplace as atheists and LGBT folks. Music –

  • #047 – A to Xenu (yeah Xenu is a thing)

    Callie and Ari have a pleasant chat with author Chris Shelton. His new book is called Scientology: A to Xenu, an Insider’s Guide to what Scientology is all About.   […]

  • #046 – Sexual Violence

    Callie and Ari are joined by founder and president of A Voice for the Innocent Jamie Sivrais, and domestic violence advocate Kyle Kleisinger to have an important conversation about sexual […]

  • #045 – Gaytheist Queer in Review

    Callie and Ari discuss the happenings of 2015!   Music: Cloudkicker – A Lost State of Mind –

  • #044 – Let’s Get Sexy!

    Callie, new co-host Ari, and friends John and Nat have a sit down to talk about our sex lives and our sexuality as queer and transgender identified people. Music- […]

  • #043 – Non Binary Discussion

    Joined this week by friends Ari Coleman and Trav Mamone to talk about their experiences as trans folks who identify neither as male or female.   Music:

  • #042 – Good News Part 3

    Today is the 3rd in our occasional series of episodes focusing only on good news!   Guest include Trav Mamone, and […]

  • #041 – Friendsgiving!

    We celebrate Thanksigiving with our family of choice. Guests: David Smalley, Heina Dadabhoy, and Ryan Bell. Music:

  • #040 – Transgender Day of Remembrance

    This week we observe the Transgender Day of Remembrance. Special thanks to Gene Elliot, Ari Coleman, Stephanie Guttormson, and Trav Mamone The poem is called “Boobs” by Ollie Schminkey:¬† Music: […]