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  • keep calm its just tourette’s

    Emily has Tourette’s syndrome, but thats not actually the source of her problems

  • queer art lego

    Samuel Hatmaker decided to make a Golden Girls house out of LEGO. Then a few things happened… check out Sam’s stuff here:

  • i won’t become the wall

    my friend Nichole recently got out of a pretty rough relationship. here’s how she did it

  • cal and jam

    i got to start making music again. it was neat <3

  • a less than triumphant return

    i had a picture in my head of what it would be like to skate on a skating floor again.  Transcript: Big shout out to Charlie for becoming a new […]

  • go hard or go home

    Callie Wright (00:00): Shout out to Oxen Rebecca for becoming new patrons this week and to Tuck for a pledge increase on Patreon this week. Thank you, friends. I love […]

  • to the journey

    i thought i was done with big trans related changes… Big shouts out to Mattie, Angela, and Ethan for becoming new patrons this week, thank you friends, love you lots.  […]

  • therapy rules

    i figured something else important out the other day… Transcript: Callie: Big shouts out to Lizzie for becoming a new patron this week, thank you friend, love you lots. My […]

  • that tall man is me!

    transitioning during a pandemic is something else

  • being your own doctor

    quite often, the medical profession just….isn’t great to us