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  • chasing euphoria

    we don’t talk enough about gender euphoria. so that’s what we’re doing this week <3 TRANSCRIPT Callie: [00:00:00] Big shout out to Rob for becoming a new patron this week. Thank […]

  • the good death

    it’s an uncomfortable topic for lots of people (myself included). but its something that’s super important to talk about, so let’s do that. this week we’ll hear from two of […]

  • the public universal friend

    a bit of queer history this week! the public universal friend is someone i’ve heard stories about here and there. i decided to do a deep dive and i found […]

  • ask Callie again!

    its been about 8 weeks since we did one of these, so we’re doing another! if you want to ask questions for the next one, hit me up at callie […]

  • quiet

    i figured out something important for my mental health. and i switched to injectable estrogen. believe it or not, these two things are related! Check out TransLash here: TRANSCRIPT Callie: [00:00:00] […]

  • lunch and trauma

    last week was an outdoor adventure with friends. this week is an indoor adventure with me and Wedge. TRANSCRIPT Callie: [00:00:00] Big shouts out to Mike and Morgan for becoming new […]

  • adventure queers!

    some new friends and I went adventuring <3 TRANSCRIPT Callie: [00:00:00] Big shouts out to Carrie, Charlie, Patrick, and Allie for becoming new patrons this week. Thank you, friends. Love you […]

  • How to Have Hard Conversations

    this week is audio from my virtual presentation at the Secular Student Alliance virtual conference. I talked about how to have some of the hard conversations we’re having right now […]

  • store bought is fine

    i started taking an anti-depressant for my anxiety. here’s how that’s been going… TRANSCRIPT Callie: Big shouts out to Cybil and Alex for becoming new patrons and to Anna for a […]

  • when you actually get cancelled

    There’s been a lot of talk about cancel culture lately. Its the 21st century version of the Satanic Panic. There was an open letter released by Harpers Magazine decrying this […]