#039 – Let’s Do Compassion Better

Hear a talk I did at a Unitarian Universalist church about compassion and why sometimes people have such a gross lack of it, and a discussion between me, and my friends Ari and Jamie about some ways that we’ve failed, and some ways we’re working on getting better at showing compassion.





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  1. Richard Dey

    Perhaps ‘inclusionism’ is viewed by some as a form of politicization. I’m a gay man who was never ‘included’ in lesbianism or any of the adjucts to feminism. It, and LBTQTX, are just manipulation quoits. Gay life has been with us for 4800 years on its own. It doesn’t require a political coalition to validate itself. Shaming gay men, as feminism deigns to do, for not being properly subordinated to the overladies (real or affected) is not compassionate; it isn’t even civil.

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