This week I’m thinking about the past. I’m thinking about the seemingly arbitrary ways we measure the milestones in out lives. Four friends and I unpack where we’ve come from and where we’ve ended up.

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who says i was thinking?

I have another super important anniversary coming up. I tell the story of how Celes and I met and our first date pretty often. It was even an episode of the podcast a long time ago. But I’ve never actually featured her voice before. I wondered if she remembers things the way I do. We have a very serious disagreement on a super important point of fact. Did I ask her if she liked sausage gravy before I made it for dinner for her that night? I have receipts…

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identity and boundaries and dating, oh my!

A few months ago, I did an Ask Callie episode, where folks sent in questions to get advice on things they were struggling with in their lives. I thought it was a good thing and got lots of positive feedback, so I decided to do one again. For future episodes, shoot an email to callie@queersplaining.com