#037 – Cool Conventions, Joy, and a Gaytheism Redux

This week I have a conversation with Adam Collins, founder of the Atheists of Facebook online convention. Its a super novel concept and a neat solution to the problem of how expensive atheist conventions can be. I also had the change to sit down with Chris Johnson, and independent filmmaker who’s currently touring the country with his movie A Better Life. A Better Life explores what it means to be joyful and to find meaning in a life without God. Last but not least I have the audio from my talk at the GLSEN Youth Summit from Saturday Oct 24th, where I pitch atheist activism to an LGBT crowd. Enjoy!

Atheists of Facebook Online Convention: https://www.facebook.com/events/1630462703879504/

Chris’ book and movie: http://www.theatheistbook.com

Learn more about GLSEN: http://www.glsen.org


Cloudkicker – http://www.cloudkickermusic.com

A Lost State of Mind – https://aloststateofmind.bandcamp.com/