#135 – Callie’s New Gender Feels

Since I had my bottom surgery, I’ve been having some new and weird thoughts about my identity. I’m…not entirely sure the binary makes sense to me anymore. I thought I’d spend some time talking through it with Ari. I think it’s a super valuable conversation and it was deeply helpful to me in thinking through these new feelings. I hope you get something out of it too!

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  1. JZ

    “Truscum” isn’t just older trans women. Non-binary Blogger Sam Dylan Finch was harassed on social media for being a “transtrender” https://letsqueerthingsup.com/2015/03/28/why-the-trans-community-needs-to-ban-the-word-transtrender-for-good/
    Due to the nature of the attacks I have to assume this was done by a much younger crowd.

    I also encountered a subtler form of this in an online support group. While it was diverse and most people would (probably) intellectually agree that there wasn’t a single trans narrative, the attitude, responses, upvotes/downvotes, etc. did show some bias towards one type of trans person.

    • Callie Wright

      Oh for sure! I was really just talking about my own experience. But it certainly does exist pretty much everywhere, and its real gross =\

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