#177 – SESTA/FOSTA, and What’s Up With Patreon?

Hey, before the regularly scheduled gaytheisting, a quick note…

I launched a special thing on patreon where anyone who signs up before Sept 30th at the 2 dollar level or higher is going to get a sweet poster with some words from the outro of the show on it. check out patreon.com/thegaytheistmanifesto to see a picture and sign up to get one. Love you friends <3


If you follow me on social media at all, you might notice that I’ve been pretty miffed lately about some of the things Patreon has been doing. To recap, after our episode about TERFs, my patreon page was marked as adult content. What this means is that it was not searchable on the Patreon site. You had to type the URL into your browser to get to it. Because of the way credit card payment processing works, it also means that my payout was delayed. And this seems pretty shady right. We do an episode about TERFs, then a trans woman’s podcast gets marked as adults only. It’d be pretty easy to see a connection between those two things. But the trust is, I’m not sure I’m on the TERFs radar. I don’t get the kind of hate some other trans women do online, so I’m honestly not even sure those folks know I exist. So as much as it might seem there was something nefarious going on, after doing some thinking, it was probably just because a common euphemism for genitalia was in the show notes. Now its only fair for me to point out that between the time I recorded this interview and the day of release here, Patreon got me taken care of. I was able to manually pay myself out, and someone reviewed my page and removed the adult content flag. So they did do the right thing here. It still took them too long and caused way too much stress on my part. Its just important to know that as you listen to today’s interview, Patreon did do the right thing here and all is mostly well, aside from the fact that it took so damn long. Anyways…

I was out in the Baltimore area to interview a friend of mine for this other podcast project I’m doing. I brought this up in conversation, and lo and behold she actually happened to know what’s going on with all this, and its far far bigger than podcasting and how we monetize podcasts. Her name is Shanon Nebo, and she’s one of the creators of the website fetsie.com, which we’ll talk more about later on, but because of her experience with Fetsie and sex work in general, she actually knows what’s going on here.


Check out Fetsie here

Further reading on SESTA/FOSTA from Vice NewsElectronic Frontier Foundation,  and Huffington Post

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