Ashton P Woods – what about today?

Ashton P Woods is a man with a lot going on and a lot to say. He was good enough to give me some of his time when we were at Skepticon together.

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what if they disagree?

This past weekend, I had the privilege of attending Skepticon in St Louis. Among other awesome things that happened, I moderated a panel called “What if They Disagree?”

How do we handle it when there seems to be an internal disagreement among a marginalized group. What is our place as allies in trying to advance the causes of racial justice, gender justice, and so on, when we’re confronted with conflicting views from inside those groups. There is right and wrong, but no group is a monolith. Its a difficult question, and one we tried to tackle in this panel discussion.

A full transcript of this episode is available here

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Our culture is a jerk for how few tools it gives us to think deeply about ourselves. 

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dear callie

A full transcript for this episode can be found here

This week, something a bit different. I get lots of messages from folks asking for advice on one thing or another, and I love talking with folks and bouncing ideas off of them and helping them through whatever they’re dealing with. I figured I’d make an episode of it!

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