Author: Briar

  • let’s tango

    Rafi and Phillip never considered getting married. Until they did. TRANSCRIPT Callie: [00:00:00] Big shout out to Eric, Christie, and Jeff for becoming new patrons this week and to Yarrow for […]

  • the retransitioners

    Twitter trolls love talking about de-transition. What about retransition? TRANSCRIPT Callie: [00:00:00] Hey friends. I wanted to let you know about a cool fundraiser I’m helping with a good friend of […]

  • civility?

    niceness (or lack thereof) is NOT the problem TRANSCRIPT Callie: [00:00:00] Big shouts out to Morrow, Alison. And Wen for becoming new patrons this week. Thank you, friends. Love you lots. […]

  • a bunker? in this economy?

    the word prepper has a certain image attached to it. but its not exactly right. and there’s some valuable stuff we can learn from fellow leftists who are preppers. and […]

  • on dead and dying heroes

    i learned not to have heroes the hard way TRANSCRIPT Callie: Big shout out to Courtney for becoming a new patron this week. Thank you, friend. Love you lots. My name […]

  • chasing euphoria

    we don’t talk enough about gender euphoria. so that’s what we’re doing this week <3 TRANSCRIPT Callie: [00:00:00] Big shout out to Rob for becoming a new patron this week. Thank […]

  • the good death

    it’s an uncomfortable topic for lots of people (myself included). but its something that’s super important to talk about, so let’s do that. this week we’ll hear from two of […]

  • the public universal friend

    a bit of queer history this week! the public universal friend is someone i’ve heard stories about here and there. i decided to do a deep dive and i found […]

  • ask Callie again!

    its been about 8 weeks since we did one of these, so we’re doing another! if you want to ask questions for the next one, hit me up at callie […]

  • quiet

    i figured out something important for my mental health. and i switched to injectable estrogen. believe it or not, these two things are related! Check out TransLash here: TRANSCRIPT Callie: [00:00:00] […]