Author: queersplaining_hyuzz8

  • take your science and GET OUT

    Danielle got sober toward the beginning of covid, and she wrote an amazing article about it. she’s here to tell us more…

  • but to connect with Carlos

    One of the reasons newer Star Trek has rad queer stories is that we’re in the writers room!  Transcript below: Callie Wright: (00:00)Big shout out to Linda for becoming a […]

  • coming back into life

    Imara Jones is an incredible journalist, writer, activist and advocate <3

  • and now people are listening

    LaShana used to have trouble communicating. now people are listening to her <3

  • transing las vegas

    my new friend June is a trans pro poker player. do i really have to say anthing else to get you interested haha?

  • capital F feelings

    Ada grew up in India and came to the US at the age of 24. Before then she’d not really encountered queerness or transness. And when she did, she felt […]

  • the best sleepover ever

    Jenna and her partner had some stuff to talk about. So as one does, they had a living room slumber party…

  • a less than triumphant return

    i had a picture in my head of what it would be like to skate on a skating floor again.  Transcript: Big shout out to Charlie for becoming a new […]

  • go hard or go home

    Callie Wright (00:00): Shout out to Oxen Rebecca for becoming new patrons this week and to Tuck for a pledge increase on Patreon this week. Thank you, friends. I love […]