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  • slaying dragons

    Back in October, I was super fortunate to get to perform at Bawdy Storytelling in Chicao. The recording of that night got lost, but I adapted my story from that […]

  • kind words

    Online gaming isn’t always known for being the most wholesome thing. But I found a game that really nails it. I played it a little and talked to one of […]

  • trans immersion class

    Molly Woodstock makes a rad podcast called Gender Reveal. They recently made that and their consulting business their full time gig. 

  • receipt femme

    Hadassah Damien is on a mission to help marginalized folks get stable and secure with their finances.  Support the show via paypal: or via Patreon:

  • megatron is a queer icon

    Jonathan is a toy collector. They track their queerness in a very specific way with a specific set of action figures of a specific character.

  • callie’s first time warp

    there’s a lot of queer content that’s considered essential that i’ve never seen. this past weekend, i started working on fixing that. i saw rocky horror picture show for the […]

  • child of poseidon

    Aisling has a career that she loves. Transphobia is getting in the way, and that sucks. Support the show:

  • good news everyone!

    This week, good news only. Love you friends <3 Support via Paypal: Support via Patreon: