• Allies: Your Good Intentions Are Necessary, But NOT Sufficient

    Cis folks, we need to have a talk. Especially if you are offended by these words. In the last few days I’ve been a part of and witnessed a number […]

  • In an Era of Chaos, Find Your Safe Place

    If you’re a member of any marginalized group–whether it’s due to your race, sexuality, gender, national origin, ability, socioeconomic status or any other factor–the world (and the US especially) is […]

  • Finding an Evidence-Based Therapist: A How-To Guide

    So you’re an atheist, skeptical, science-minded, secular and/or non-woo-believing person, and you need a therapist. You’ve heard the horror stories of friends who have gone to get treatment for their […]

  • Gender Dysphoria: A Day In The Life

    I often find myself trying to explain to cisgender folks what gender dysphoria feels like. On one level it’s a futile exercise. If you don’t feel gender dysphoria, there is […]

  • Eulogy For a Lost Daughterhood

    Friday, October 28th, I was on my way to the last stop of my speaking tour in Atlanta at Kennesaw State University. I had stopped for gas and saw a […]

  • 6 Valuable Skills I (Inadvertently) Learned As an Abuse Survivor

    NOTE: This article contains discussions of emotional and psychological abuse and their effects on victims. It references characteristics of and tactics used by abusers and briefly touches on some abusive […]

  • Eli Bosnick Wants ALL Your Skittles

    On September 19th, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted this image… Picture: a bowl of skittles candy in a white bowl on a white background. The text of the meme reads, “If I […]

  • Who Says The Atheist Movement is Being Ruined?

    Prominent atheist voice David Smalley recently published a now widely-circulated blog post (and companion podcast episode) addressing inter-atheist disputes. A few minutes ago I was reading over the comments on […]

  • My Three Year Rebirthday

    On August 10th, 2013, I introduced myself as Callie to the world. I can’t remember ever being so simultaneously scared and excited in my entire life. By this point, I’d […]

  • An Open Letter to my Christian High School Teacher

    I attended a private Christian school with a strong evangelical bent for 11th and 12th grade. There was one particular teacher there who I connected with so closely that he […]