• no mistakes

    description goes here

  • queer criminology

    the criminal justice system was simply not made for queer and trans folks. this week we’ll hear two stories of it’s failure, and learn about one person’s efforts to fix […]

  • booted

    A brief history of queer and trans folks being excluded from, included into, and being excluded from military service in the United States

  • let me have a turn

    sometimes a stranger steps up to help. and sometimes several more do, too.

  • like sunshine

    Arthur was a pretty amazing kid. His sister Alex is here to tell us about him.

  • what do i do now?

    those inspirational stories on the internet about starting over are cool, but the reality is a little more….complicated?

  • when the maps fail

    is there ever really a time where things go like they’re supposed to? when it comes to rediscovering my sexuality post surgery, they sure didn’t. that’s not necessarily a bad […]

  • eff the script

    There’s a script that’s been written for transition. There’s a script that’s written for how trans women are supposed to feel about our bodies. We’re not into it. Music by […]

  • why we whisper

    Every time a powerful man goes down for some kind of sexual misconduct, we hear the term whisper network. What are they? How do they operate? How can we do […]