#121 – Casper Rigsby’s Exit From The Aryan Nation

Casper Rigsby of Atheist Republic is a former member of the Aryan Nation. We’ll talk about his exit from that organization, how he came out of that way of thinking, and what lessons we can learn from his journey about fighting racism, white supremacy, and right wing extremism.

Major content note for mentions of bullying and suicide

#120 – Can we Take Pride in Pride?

A panel discussion about Pride month and the ways we observe and celebrate it. Are we forgetting or dishonoring our history? Is Pride too corporate? Are we forgetting our roots?

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#119 – The Conceptual Academic Field of Study

We all know about that ridiculous paper that was published by a pair of so called skeptics in a pay-to-play journal. We’re not going to spend a ton of time because people have already done a pretty swell job of that.
What we will talk about is the field of gender studies itself. What is Gender Studies? Why should people outside of academia care about it? What practical good has it done in public policy and for the lives of real people?

Reading from the episode:

The Mirror Stage

The Conceptual Penis as a Social Construct (google it because i’m not sending those assholes link traffic)

Why The Conceptual Penis Hoax was a Bust